Mar 19, 2010

Braces are off!

Yay! My braces are finally off!!! Sooo excited to not have to deal with them anymore.  I didn't realize how much time it actually took to floss and brush while I had them on because now it only takes 3 minutes not 30! And I don't look like I am 12 years old anymore! :) 

An update!

I'm having trouble being consistent with my posting but anyway...So excited to not be fulltime at the orthodontic office and instead babysitting (for some very fun kids) and working on my doula certification.  Not being fulltime at the office also means time for fun things like a day at the zoo with two of my best friends and their little ones, working at my Dad and Mom's shop, spending time with friends, and keeping house/cooking dinners for my amazing husband!
I have been trying to press through my DONA and PALS doula certification as fast as I can but I have what seems like a hundred books to read, a few apprentice births, and volunteer work to do before I can become certified but at least now I am on my way!  I am thankful that my best friend is letting me give her all kinds of doula advice and getting to attend her birth so that I can get some experience and practice under my belt.
As I mentioned my best friend is expecting...a BOY!! It has been so much fun to watch her experience all the "fun" changes and experiences pregnancy has to offer. :)  She is handling it well and her hubby is being a trooper too!  We are going to spend the weekend with them at the beach...should be soo much fun!
Well, enough randomness for tonight. I will try to keep up on here a little bit more consistently.
Here are a few photos of the fun zoo adventure!

Sam and Ellia became best of buds and wanted to hold hands...
...and then paused for a hug!
A very sleepy girl after a long, fun day at the zoo!