Aug 20, 2012

A good day.

These past days have been crazy around here.  I had the opportunity and privilege last Wednesday to attend my best friends birth.  It was anything but an ordinary birth experience.  And honestly, it was flat out scary.  There is still much healing and recovering to do but things are finally looking positive again.  Having a history the last couple of weeks of some possible complications and then the nurses not listening and responding until it was too late led to complications that were beyond frightening.  Four surgeries later, a medically induced coma, a ventilator, many positive thoughts, and countless prayers she finally had a good day today and things are looking up. 

In the meantime her precious little man is healthy and thriving.

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Convention was encouraging and very needful.  So thankful for good days of refreshing, renewing, and restoring.

We had a midwife appointment today, and things look good.  Dylan is right on schedule and seems to be healthy and happy in there.  I have been having constant braxton hicks contractions but it is due to stress from the events of the past couple days- it is just going to take some rest and relaxing and it is not a concern.

Looking forward to a day at the Lake with the family on Saturday and back to a somewhat normal routine again.

Thankful for health, wonderful supportive family, fabulous friends, and an amazing midwife.

Happy Monday!