Nov 13, 2010

An Update of Pure Randomness.

What a crazy fall! Time has flown by as we have been so busy. Only 15.5 weeks until we are 40 weeks- wow! This is passing like a dream, I can't believe that only 3.5 months she will be here! It's exciting but means that there is a lot of preparing in the meantime!

I am starting to get a tummy! I got frustrated because all of a sudden, one rainy Sunday, every single outfit I tried on no longer fit over my growing belly. I tried shopping in store after store, online at site after site and nobody had anything that worked for me. Discouraged I told Just Grandma and with a good idea from etsy, Grammie made me three fun skirts! So exciting to have clothes again! :) Random? I know, but I was just so happy to have skirts to wear, and at that- beautiful ones that Just Grandma made! Thanks, Grammie!!

I have missed my best friend, (other than my Husband) terribly!! Opportunity finally presented itself that I can quit going through withdrawals, so my Brother and I are on our way to Portland for the day! We get to see my Sister, BRENDA!! She has a swim meet that we get to go cheer at! Go Whitworth! But most of all....Go Brenda, go!!! We love you!!!

So excited for Thanksgiving! Plans to spend the day with the family that I am ever so grateful for and love so much! I love this time of year.

Neil and I continue to slog through the rain, not too much traffic, drinking delectable Starbucks egg nog latte's, singing slightly off pitch and with all our hearts to our music, beyond excited to see Brenda!! Will update more later!