Jun 11, 2012

One of those kind of days.

What a day.  Woke up sounding like a man when I talk and super dizzy because of my cold and feeling like I could barely walk because my back was so far out.  Had to get ready for the day.  Dropped Hannah off at Grammy's house and headed out to Enumclaw for my prenatal appointment. 

On the way home I stopped to get a Jamba Juice because that sounded good on my raw throat, just to find out that they had gone out of business.  Headed to Grammy's to pick up my little ray of sunshine, I got there and she was still sleeping and in need of a good nap.  By this point there was no point in me going to work because I teach swim lessons at 3 on Monday afternoons.  I waited for Hannah to wake up and we headed home.  I had 45 minutes to make her lunch, get us ready for the pool, and head out. 

We were doing good on time when I left the house.  We turned off of 1st ave, driving down the big hill to the pool, and what do you know? I got pulled over by a not-so-friendly mr. officer.  When I saw him I looked down and saw that I was going 35 and the speed limit is 25 so I was definitely speeding but of course I was frustrated.  I didn't have a reason to be speeding, we had plenty of time but I was just driving, enjoying the beautiful day and not paying attention to my speed- oops!  Well Mr. BadDay claimed that his radar caught me at 40 mph and he wanted to know if my address was correct and I said yes, so then he wanted to know why I was in NP as if I was on a road that said "Welcome to NP, No Trespassing" - no, no, no I don't think so.  But instead of getting an attitude I just said "swimming" to which he replied "hmm, where at?" as if I wasn't up the road from a swim pool- really?!?!  I told him that I teach swim lessons at NP and so he went back to his car and got on his phone.  Ten minutes later he showed up at my window and said "I had to write you a ticket because of your speed"- I took the piece of paper and headed to the pool. 

I was now 10 minutes late to teach swim lessons but I get my kid, hand my child to my cousin who was going to babysit and we get in the water.  From the start of the lesson things are not going well.  All he could say was "NO!" and "I don't want to" and "I'm scared" and "don't make me" and then the all out scream so that everyone looked at me, wondering what in the world I was doing to this child when in fact he was screaming because he refused to kick his feet.  I finally told him I was going to quit teaching him swim lessons if this didn't stop and we were going to get out of the pool right this second to which he responded "no" in a whiny voice and proceeded to actually kick his feet to the edge of the wall- where  he successfully made it the two feet without drowning- shocking that when I say "I'm not going to let you drown" that I actually mean it (ha)!  The last 5 minutes went relatively well and we headed to the locker room.  We got all ready to go home and he asked me if I was going to tell his nanny that he was bad, and I told him "well, that is what I SHOULD tell her" he said "no, no don't tell her.  Just tell her that I was good," I said "no way, because you weren't" and he responded with "well then just tell her that I was medium"- so I agreed.  The day seemed like everything went wrong.

I got back home with an upset child because she didn't get her own Starbucks tea and I wonder how this day could ever turn out good.  Just as I have this thought of there is nothing good about this day, my sweet husband opens the door and tells me everything is okay, it will all work out, and to take the evening off.  As amazing as that sounds, my house looks like a tornado went through the kitchen and living room so I thought there was no way that I can "do nothing, and just relax."  However, he proceeded to go to the store, get groceries for dinner, cook dinner, and offered to take Hannah and I "out"- on a date/adventure.  He really is amazing.

I decided that I wanted to sit down and write about my ridiculous day and as I did I realized there are as many things that went good as things that went bad, and there is a whale of a lot more to be thankful for than to gripe about.

So thinking about all the positives today...Hannah slept until 8:45 this morning (almost unheard of now a days), the sun has been shining with no clouds in the sky and 75 degrees, at my prenatal appt I got to hear sweet Dylan's heart beat and found out that he is growing a week ahead of schedule, he seems quite healthy and happy in there, we belong to an awesome swim club, I have a sweet cousin who is the best babysitter in town, I have a little girl who always manages to be the sunshine on a "cloudy" day, and the most amazing husband in the world.

So what am I complaining about- life is good!  How was your day?

Jun 5, 2012

Random- Stream of Conciousness.

As I lay here trying to put my tired eyes to sleep, listening to my baby breathe softly, my husband snore and twitch quietly, and my son kicking and doing somersaults, I just feel that I have to write.

Things are well.  I am 22 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  I feel Dylan moving very often!  I love the reassurance of his little kicks saying ''Hi Mom, I'm here and I am doing well- growing and getting healthy and strong."  It is love.

Hannah is growing up all the time.  So crazy to think that we are already 15 months into this parenting journey with the most amazing little girl in the world.  She is so aware and takes in more than I give her credit for.  She says things and does things out of the blue that let us know that she doesn't miss anything and knows exactly what we are saying.  Her new words are "app joosss"= any liquid (apple juice, water, or other), "feeshh"=fish but "papa" "nan" "beh" "nee" "mom" "da" "bye bye" (said with a southern accent, "hi" and "uh-oh" continue to be her favorites.  So much learning and changing-I know I say that almost every time I write a post but I am honestly, continually amazed by the new things she picks up, every single day.

Thanks for letting me write.  More with pictures another time when my Tazo Calm tea isn't doing such a good job of doing it's job.