Jun 5, 2012

Random- Stream of Conciousness.

As I lay here trying to put my tired eyes to sleep, listening to my baby breathe softly, my husband snore and twitch quietly, and my son kicking and doing somersaults, I just feel that I have to write.

Things are well.  I am 22 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  I feel Dylan moving very often!  I love the reassurance of his little kicks saying ''Hi Mom, I'm here and I am doing well- growing and getting healthy and strong."  It is love.

Hannah is growing up all the time.  So crazy to think that we are already 15 months into this parenting journey with the most amazing little girl in the world.  She is so aware and takes in more than I give her credit for.  She says things and does things out of the blue that let us know that she doesn't miss anything and knows exactly what we are saying.  Her new words are "app joosss"= any liquid (apple juice, water, or other), "feeshh"=fish but "papa" "nan" "beh" "nee" "mom" "da" "bye bye" (said with a southern accent, "hi" and "uh-oh" continue to be her favorites.  So much learning and changing-I know I say that almost every time I write a post but I am honestly, continually amazed by the new things she picks up, every single day.

Thanks for letting me write.  More with pictures another time when my Tazo Calm tea isn't doing such a good job of doing it's job.



  1. :) I actually looked for a like button... :) Think Court is right I am on FB way to much!!!
    Love your posts! :)

  2. Aww thanks! Makes me happy to know someone reads it. :)