Dec 19, 2010

A Festive Party!

We have amazing friends! A bunch of them came over yesterday and we had a PARTY! We built gingerbread houses, played games, had a funny white elephant party and hung out! What a great time!

Here are the pictures from our day...
16 Gingerbread houses- baked, built, and ready for the decorators to arrive

Anxiously awaiting for everyone to arrive

Alyssa and Tanya

Erin and Kara


Cute Kaity! :)

Rachel getting into it!

Brian and Carla's masterpiece

Cameron having a good time!

Playing games

Cameron and Brenda catching a quick nap

Oh the socks!

....and Brett was voted "Best Socks" winner- nice red stockings!

SOME of the gang

Cody and Tyler's house- voted "Best Gingerbread House"- I think it should have been "craziest gingerbread house"- nice work guys! :)

Alyssa and Tanya's sweet creation (they were the runner ups)

I loved Kaity's house- it even has a tractor in the front yard! :)

Rachel's sweet cabin!

Erin and Kara's house

Court and Lynn's house

More of Kaity's house

More of Cody and Tyler's "Redneck House"

Tanya was lucky enough to open a Salvation Army bell ringer costume! :)

Leah was the lucky recipient of a College Math- Statistics book and a MONKEY!

Anxiously awaiting their turns to steal or pick a gift!

Funniest gift- a bird feeder where the birds fly up the nose to get their feed- haha- luck you, Alyssa! :)

Brenda got a baseball frog!

The back of Leah's colorful creation!

More of Leah's house

Bria's bright house

Brooke's fun red house

Michael's masterpiece in progress...

Working hard to get it just right....

and now he completed it! :)

This was the back of Michael's house

And the side.

This was Bryce and Brenda's house- convenient that they were both "BF's"

The side of Bryce and Brenda's House

and the front
and the other side of B & B's house

We had a blast!

Dec 14, 2010

A good day.

What a day. A good day. A kind of busy, kind of lazy day.  I like days, like today.

It all started with a rough night last night.  I was nervous.  Really nervous.  My doctors appointment was today and I was dreading's appointment was "lab work and shots and yucky stuff to drink" day.  I don't know why I have become such a worry wart during this pregnancy but my gracious- it really did not turn out to be that horrible.  All the worrying for no reason.  Oh well.

My Sister got into town yesterday....we are already busy with tons of projects! The first project was to make the board for Hannah's fun flowers (all supplied by Aunt Brenda) :) and of course you get the two of us going on a project and what do you get?? Well, let's see- an hour in Joann Fabrics trying to decide on a fabric and ribbon, a car ride home thinking about how we would make it all look right, and then we went to town...hello staple gun- you are our friend! :)
We of course got a little bit tired and a lot silly but we ended with a result that we were happy with.

There are so many projects left to be finished but I can hardly keep my eyes open for another minute. 
What a day.  What a good day.

Dec 7, 2010


So, it has been awhile since I last posted.  I think I have been so uninspired since I haven't had my camera to take pictures with and my words alone seem pretty boring!  I'm suppose to receive my new camera by next week sometime...yay...I can hardly wait!

Things have been holding about the same here.  Hannah is growing bigger by the day but I absolutely love the feeling of her somersaulting, kicking, hiccuping, and just making her presence known.  We are now entering our third trimester- wow! Where does the time go?  The nursery is coming together and looking so pink, elegant, and ready!

We spent a very nice Thanksgiving with a lot of family.  Always fun to spend so much time with those that you love so much! We had dinner at my aunt and uncle's with a random hodge-podge of relatives, and it was absolutely lovely...snow and all! :)  The rest of that weekend was spent downtown watching the parade, shopping, spending more time at Mom and Dad's than at home, and just being lazy.  It was a weekend to be VERY thankful for!!

Last weekend my sweet sister had the big Husky Invitational Swim Meet, in Federal Way.  I enjoyed spending Friday and Saturday watching her swim and breaking her own personal records...she was amazing! Michael got to go over the mountains with Neil, Trevor, and Bryce to watch the Apple Cup in the freezing (literally) Martin Stadium in Pullman.  The Huskies managed to pull out a huge win for the boys to see and led the Huskies to finish third in the PAC-10 which is amazing seeing as how we finished in last place with zero wins, two years ago...go DAWGS! :) 

Brenda comes home for Christmas break on Monday.  Excited to spend quality sister time with her!  We are also very fortunate to get some special meeting company for the night- we are very much looking forward that as well.  On Tuesday, I have a doctor appointment and hoping that all is well there- happy that my sister can go with me, as there will be a lot of blood draws, shots, etc.-yuck!

This is a random post and quite lame without pictures but wanted to put up a quick update.  Now it's off to fix a cup of hot cider and snuggle by the fire! 

Nov 13, 2010

An Update of Pure Randomness.

What a crazy fall! Time has flown by as we have been so busy. Only 15.5 weeks until we are 40 weeks- wow! This is passing like a dream, I can't believe that only 3.5 months she will be here! It's exciting but means that there is a lot of preparing in the meantime!

I am starting to get a tummy! I got frustrated because all of a sudden, one rainy Sunday, every single outfit I tried on no longer fit over my growing belly. I tried shopping in store after store, online at site after site and nobody had anything that worked for me. Discouraged I told Just Grandma and with a good idea from etsy, Grammie made me three fun skirts! So exciting to have clothes again! :) Random? I know, but I was just so happy to have skirts to wear, and at that- beautiful ones that Just Grandma made! Thanks, Grammie!!

I have missed my best friend, (other than my Husband) terribly!! Opportunity finally presented itself that I can quit going through withdrawals, so my Brother and I are on our way to Portland for the day! We get to see my Sister, BRENDA!! She has a swim meet that we get to go cheer at! Go Whitworth! But most of all....Go Brenda, go!!! We love you!!!

So excited for Thanksgiving! Plans to spend the day with the family that I am ever so grateful for and love so much! I love this time of year.

Neil and I continue to slog through the rain, not too much traffic, drinking delectable Starbucks egg nog latte's, singing slightly off pitch and with all our hearts to our music, beyond excited to see Brenda!! Will update more later!

Oct 26, 2010


We love you, Hannah!

Oct 14, 2010

Beautiful Day!

What a wonderful day! As the sun was shining brightly this morning, I headed out to work. I worked at the shop for a couple of hours and then headed off to babysit my little friend, Mr. H. I called Lynn to see if she wanted an outing with her boys and she did, so we set out for downtown Columbia City! As we walked in and out of stores while the babies happily rode in there strollers and carriers, falling in and out of dreamy sleep land, I couldn't help but be happy! The babies were all content, the air was crispy but the sun shone bright and I was having a fun conversation with a good friend!

We ended up in the little bakery downtown for lunch and ended up with some babies who were very hungry and ready to head home. We finished our amazing focacia bread and headed for our homes. As we started walking home the sun went away and the clouds set in. We crunched through the leaves, oohed and aaahed over the beautiful colors in the leaves, and the little red, orange berries on the plants!  As we parted ways, little man and I set up the hill for home, barely got in the door, got little man laid down in his crib for nap and it started to pour, and pour, and pour! But it was a beautiful, refreshing, fall rain, that makes you feel all cozy and like you want to curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket and enjoy the pitter patter of the that's what I did. 

As I lay there, little Baby Hannah decided to make her presence known.  She started kicking and swimming, and somersaulting all over.  It was DELIGHTFUL! I love the comfort of knowing she is doing well and happy in her little home.  I rubbed my stomach, and pushed a bit on her and she responded right back...oh LOVE! I could feel her so well, and felt so close to her, I wanted to hold her in my arms so bad that I could almost imagine her right there in my arms, snuggling on the couch, with the rain beating outside!

Life is hectic and pretty crazy but oh it is BEAUTIFUL, and I'm totally in love with it!!!! <3

Oct 7, 2010


October is off to an amazing start! We welcomed in October in Mandan, ND at a very encouraging convention.  We go to see so many friends, some whom I have not seen since leaving ND, nearly 5 year ago now...time flies! Michael got to meet so many of my friends, and we both met new friends. Some of the people who have left very indelible impressions on my life were there, and we super enjoyed our time with them!
These are three of our little buddies....Carter, Brooks, and Asher
 And we got to spend some time with Eileen, who we really miss in Seattle.

On our way to ND, we got to stop and see my sweet little sister!! And had lunch with her and her friend, Heidi, while they were in clinicals at one of the local hospitals, in Spokane. We really enjoyed their quick lunch break, with them!!

And hey look, they are even wearing PURPLE scrubs!!! :)
 Thankful for our time at convention and very much looking forward to the rest of this fall!