Oct 7, 2010


October is off to an amazing start! We welcomed in October in Mandan, ND at a very encouraging convention.  We go to see so many friends, some whom I have not seen since leaving ND, nearly 5 year ago now...time flies! Michael got to meet so many of my friends, and we both met new friends. Some of the people who have left very indelible impressions on my life were there, and we super enjoyed our time with them!
These are three of our little buddies....Carter, Brooks, and Asher
 And we got to spend some time with Eileen, who we really miss in Seattle.

On our way to ND, we got to stop and see my sweet little sister!! And had lunch with her and her friend, Heidi, while they were in clinicals at one of the local hospitals, in Spokane. We really enjoyed their quick lunch break, with them!!

And hey look, they are even wearing PURPLE scrubs!!! :)
 Thankful for our time at convention and very much looking forward to the rest of this fall!

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