Jul 29, 2012

The napping house.

All is quiet and peaceful on this front at the moment, since the whole house is napping so it seems like an appropriate time for a post.
Doing well.  Hannah has new words everyday (with today's word being "John Deere"), and continues to amaze us and make us smile.  Dylan seems to be doing well.  Seems to be a strong little guy...growing, kicking, and hiccuping constantly.

We had a bummer this week.  Tuesday night on the way home from work, I got a call from Michael saying his car had stalled and that he was stuck...one car down, one to go.  While trying to troubleshoot and figure out what was wrong, hoping for some help from my Dad, I managed to look away and slam into the back of my brother's vehicle.  Yikes!  Two vehicles down, zero to go.  Considering the circumstances and that none of us wished to be in a crash, I am very thankful if it was going to happen, that it happened the way that it did.  Joel, is one of the guys we work with and he luckily saw the whole thing happen and was able to help.  Mom, luckily had not left work yet so she was able to come pick us up.  Nobody was seriously injured.  Both cars have potential to be totaled but we have not heard from the insurance company yet.  It was a big bad bummer.  But no one was hurt, so we pick up the mess and life goes on.

My midwife was a little concerned that we did not call 911 because usually they would have sent me to the ER and I would've been hooked up to an EFM (external fetal monitor) for a few hours but we didn't.  And she (my midwife) didn't know about it until the following day.  So, I just paid close attention to his movement, contracting, and a few others signs and things seemed fine, so we are carrying on as usual.

There are situations and experiences that just make me so much more thankful for everything - health, family, friends.  It was amazing the out pouring of love from family and friends.  My parents and siblings could not have been a bigger help- picking us up, lending us a vehicle, emotional support, feeding us, helping us in every way possible and still loving us through it all.  And let me tell you, we have some awesome friends- letting us vent and be emotional, sending us a special gift, telling us how much they love us, offering help...the list goes on.  Thank you!  We love and appreciate you all!
The last two weeks have been filled with busy-ness.  We finished Dylan's room, got Hannah's room changed, and got her into a big girl bed (which she loves).  I got to be the lucky one to pick my cousin up from the airport and spend a whole day with her.  It was filled with good talks, shopping, lots of coffee, and good memories.  I feel so fortunate to have somebody that is a cousin and also an amazing friend!  Company was followed by a baby shower for one of my besties, Amber and she was glowing!  She's so cute- this round little basketball straight out in front...I swear I have never seen such a cute pregnant person in my whole life!  They are looking forward to welcoming a sweet little boy, Devon into their family in the next few weeks, and so we had a lot of fun showering them with love.  The following week, started with a baby doctor appointment that went well and showed a sweet, happy little Dylan just growing, growing.  Then the accident happened and from there the rest of the week was a bit of a whirl wind.  Saturday we got to shower my sweet friend Julia and her baby girl (Baby B- as Hannah and I like to call her).  There were lots of good times with good friends!  They are due just two and a half weeks before us, so we are very happy that these little munchkins are going to have friends close by that are very close in age.  Saturday evening company came to our house and we got to spend time at the park with a bunch more of our friends- playing frisbee and chatting.  Brenda T. and Cara are still here and probably actually enjoying some rest since Hannah decided to sleep- so all is quiet.  We will enjoy our day tomorrow with Brenda and Cara and hope for a less "eventful" week, this week.  

Super looking to convention in a few weeks.  It is something that I desperately need, right now.
Enough rambling- hope you are all having a happy Sunday!

Jul 11, 2012


What is with all of these ungrateful people???  I can't stand it!  When somebody does something nice for you - as simple as holding a door open for you or big like buying you a house or car, etc. why can't you be thankful? 

People who manipulate and try to control situations that don't involve them or don't need them to be in the center of-- drive me nuts!!  Just because you may be used to being the center of attention doesn't mean that that is where you belong, or where you should be- step back, this is not your spot light moment *shock* *gasp*!

Recently there has been a rash of this ugly unthankfulness.  It makes me have a lesser respect for people.  People do things to be nice, to be helpful, to be useful and yet all they get in return is a slap across the face with words like "I don't like it" "why is it that way" "I want it my way", etc, etc (far too many examples to list).  It hurts when people do something kind for you and somebody walks in on the party and ruins it- ugly, no sentimental value, not what I want, etc.  You know what I say, fine- do it your way but don't expect me to come running next time there is a need.

I know that this has just made me want to be all the more thankful.  Thankful for the person in front of me in the drive-thru at Starbucks that pays for my coffee, the person who holds the door for me at the grocery store, the person who helps pick up dishes after dinner, the person who gives me a gift, the person who shows me kindness, the person who shows me love, the person that shows thankfulness, the people who do all things small and big for me.  THANK YOU!

I know that I will probably get in some hot water for this post, and that's okay.  I want you to know that I appreciate and love all of you, and especially those of you who are appreciative.  

Jul 5, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Today was a great day.  Full of celebration, good friends, and lots of fun.  This post is all about the pictures- hope it isn't too overwhelming. :)


Hope you had a very HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!

Jul 2, 2012

Good Life.

Things are good.  Baby Dylan is growing like a weed.  Every night I fall to sleep to the soft little thump thump thump of his little hands and feet flailing and kicking- it's pure love, it's comforting, and it allows me to sleep knowing that he is good and happy.

Hannah is learning a handful of words everyday.  There are too many to count now with her latest addition being "uncle" which makes Uncle Neil feel quite proud and special.  She is very independent now, wanting to run and walk on her own without holding hands, keeping busy doing things that make her happy and surely not what we ask her to do- the correction is hard but she is learning that sometimes Mom and Dad say things for a reason and for her own protection and good.  This stage is so fun.  She is quite the little entertainer and usually has us laughing.

Thankful for amazing friends!  Some people and even friends have a way of sapping every ounce of energy I have after spending not long together, and then there are others who are so supportive, don't whine, don't want constant attention on themselves/their child(ren), are not all about competition (who's kid is doing what, when and how much better, who is a cuter pregger, who has the best husband, how smart and big kids are) and honestly love you for who you are.  Thank you beautiful, simple, real people- I love you!

Looking forward to our Fourth of July.  It didn't start that way.  I was super bummed because this is likely the last year of being able to go to Grandpa and Grandma's old farmhouse and spending time on the Snake River and we aren't able to go, due to Michael only having Wednesday off.  I was quite sad and felt left out but Michael reassured me that we would make this 4th special in our own celebratory way.  So we proceeded to make plans- they consist of spending a day at the pool, bbq, special holiday treats, a parade (I think Hannah is going to love it), Bible Study, and then fireworks.  It's gonna be a good day and I am excited!

What are your Fourth of July plans?