Jul 2, 2012

Good Life.

Things are good.  Baby Dylan is growing like a weed.  Every night I fall to sleep to the soft little thump thump thump of his little hands and feet flailing and kicking- it's pure love, it's comforting, and it allows me to sleep knowing that he is good and happy.

Hannah is learning a handful of words everyday.  There are too many to count now with her latest addition being "uncle" which makes Uncle Neil feel quite proud and special.  She is very independent now, wanting to run and walk on her own without holding hands, keeping busy doing things that make her happy and surely not what we ask her to do- the correction is hard but she is learning that sometimes Mom and Dad say things for a reason and for her own protection and good.  This stage is so fun.  She is quite the little entertainer and usually has us laughing.

Thankful for amazing friends!  Some people and even friends have a way of sapping every ounce of energy I have after spending not long together, and then there are others who are so supportive, don't whine, don't want constant attention on themselves/their child(ren), are not all about competition (who's kid is doing what, when and how much better, who is a cuter pregger, who has the best husband, how smart and big kids are) and honestly love you for who you are.  Thank you beautiful, simple, real people- I love you!

Looking forward to our Fourth of July.  It didn't start that way.  I was super bummed because this is likely the last year of being able to go to Grandpa and Grandma's old farmhouse and spending time on the Snake River and we aren't able to go, due to Michael only having Wednesday off.  I was quite sad and felt left out but Michael reassured me that we would make this 4th special in our own celebratory way.  So we proceeded to make plans- they consist of spending a day at the pool, bbq, special holiday treats, a parade (I think Hannah is going to love it), Bible Study, and then fireworks.  It's gonna be a good day and I am excited!

What are your Fourth of July plans?  

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