Nov 9, 2013

BabyLove is a...

We are so excited to know what BabyLove is so that we can get prepared.  Yesterday morning my Mom and Dylan went to the ultrasound with me.  I brought a "top secret" envelope to the appt with us and when the ultrasound tech started to scan the legs she warned me that I may want to turn away or else I may get flashed.  So I looked away until the legs and gender was scanned and then got to watch again.  She printed a picture and wrote the gender on a piece of paper, sealed it in an envelope and gave it to Mom.
Seeing my BabyLove squirming and kicking on the screen with the cutest little nose and lips, with the most perfect little heartbeat was so incredible.  Every day I fall more in love.  Sweet little BabyLove looked so happy and healthy, which helped me breathe a little sigh of relief.
Last night we invited some of our friends over and we had a husky quarterback or cheerleader gender reveal party.  The votes were split evenly.  Mom was the one that filled the poppers and knew what BabyLove was and the rest of us were very anxious to find out.  We stood in a cirlce over the hardwood floor and everyone hit the bottom of a push pop on the count of three and confetti flew in the air.  So exciting.

We are very happily and excitedly preparing for Miss RUBY MICHELLE!!!

Have a happy weekend!

Nov 6, 2013

What's new?!

Hi, there.  It's been a while but I am still here.  Life is busy but it's a wonderful, crazy, amazing ride.  So here is a post to give you a little update.
Hannah is silly and very smart.  Nothing gets past her.  She remembers everything so you better not say something that you don't plan on following through with.  She says the funniest things for a two year old, "I am so impressed with Dylan for learning to walk in our house" and "soup was amazing, last night" and "you are so stinkin' cute, Mommy" and "Dylan Richard you better stop that."  Such a little grown up.  She learned to use scissors and loves to cut paper and washi tape (my whole house is decorated now).  She loves to practice "Stroller Strides" at home, dropping to do a plank at any given moment or requesting that I stop and do step ups on the stairs.  She loves singing.  If it's not one of our church hymns, or a nursery rhyme, or a Christmas song, then it is some random song about whatever that is on her mind that she makes up.  I love my Sunshine to pieces!
Dylan is very boy.  He is a monkey that likes to climb and get into everything.  He loves balls, tractors, cars, airplanes, anything that makes noise, and anything that sister is playing with.  He got the all clear from urology in August and a couple of weeks ago he got the all clear from nephrology and the dietary restrictions lifted (insert happy dance)!  By all clear I mean that things look good for now but they will monitor him into his adolescence and he will be on his medicine for at least one more year.  He loves music and is always dancing and clapping to whatever music is playing.  Loves walking, talking on the phone (especially Papa's), and his Sister.  His words include Mama, hi (which is his favorite word), bye, woof woof, and he blows kisses (which to me is saying 'I love you'!).   He's my miracle baby and I love my Little Man so much!
BabyLove is 19 weeks and growing and moving like crazy.  Love this little munchkin more than words can say.  We were a little unsure when we found out that we were pregnant of how we were going to handle three- and especially this close together, and with Dylan's health issues would it be a problem.  This one was very unexpected.  We wanted a third but planned on waiting a little longer.  Well, for one Dylan is all good now.  For two, God's timing is perfect and this munchkin was obviously meant to be.  For three, we got such a scare and after that we were so hopelessly and completely smitten.  10 weeks was our first prenatal appointment and there was not an evident heartbeat.  They said that it could be just a little early to hear it so come back in one week and we would check again.  At 11 weeks when we went back I was so confident that there would be a heartbeat and I was not concerned at all but there was still no heartbeat.  Our amazing midwife did an ultrasound and we could not see a heartbeat.  I was devastated.  They prepared me for what my body would probably go through next and if the signs I was to watch for hadn't happened they wanted to see me back in 2 days.  She also drew blood to get an HCG count.  The next day she called to say my numbers still looked very high and so that reassured her that there was a viable baby.  I went back to see her the next day and we did a stronger ultrasound and guess what we saw...the tiniest, most perfect little heart beating fast and strong.  BabyLove was there and healthy.  So relieved and in love, we realized just how much we really did need and want this sweet miracle.
We started a preschool co-op at our house, out in the garage.  Hannah and I have really enjoyed it.  I didn't realize how much I loved teaching and preschool is just perfect.  Hannah loves having her friends over every Friday for school.  It is a group of 12 kids that we are lucky to have in our co-op.  Awesome moms and kids.  Our first field trip was to the pumpkin patch.  It was a guided tour and the kids loved it!  Our next field trip is "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" play at the children's theater.  Can't wait for the kids reaction to the play.  Each month we have a "unit" that we study and this month is "Thanksgiving".  Each class the kids write something they are thankful for and we hang it up in class and then we read stories and do crafts to learn about the very first Thanksgiving and the pilgrims coming to America and the Indians help.  Their three words they learned last week were, "Mayflower", "Plymouth", and "Squanto".  It is very adorable hearing them say the words in unison.

Halloween was so much fun.  Hubby and I even dressed up this year as Sheldon and Amy.  The kids were a "fishy" and a lobster.  We partied at Uncle Brett, Auntie Leah and Baby Jess' house, with a bunch of our friends- what a hoot!
We get to find out what BabyLove is in 2 more days.  We are very excited.  The old wives tales point girl: 8 to boy: 1.  We shall see.  Neither of us care what BabyLove is as long as he/she is healthy but we do have gut feelings.  My gut says girl.  Hubby's gut says girl.  Hannah says, "it is a girl and her name is Fancy Nancy."  Dylan doesn't care...his world is about to be shaken, either way.

I will post pictures and our video of the results from our gender reveal this weekend after it takes place. 

On a side note, this Mommy is VERY excited about nonfat eggnog lattes that started a few days ago.  Keeps me awake, cheery, and in the holiday spirit. :)
Enjoying these days and remembering to be more thankful for all that we have been blessed with.  Love all of the thankfulness around me, too.
Happy Wednesday!


Jul 22, 2013

Bugaboo Donkey Duo

This stroller is my dream!! I think that Bugaboo strollers roll like a dream! I walk pass them in the store or on the street and literally start drooling. I LOOOVE the options! You can prop the kid at whatever angle is appropriate for their age or nap time, and whether you want them facing you or away is up to you and the infant bassinet part is perfect. The little boy I used to nanny for had one of the Chameleon Bugaboos and I dreamed of the day when I could get one. Bugaboo is also the choice of
stroller for Kate and her royal baby...which must mean it's the best!!! I dare you to push one and not fall in love!!!

You have a chance to win one just today on Magic Beans!! Here is the link...go enter....and good luck!!!!

May 3, 2013

Random thoughts.

Feelings.  So many feelings.  Things happen for a reason and work together for good.  I need to remember that.  I need to completely trust that. 
Happiness, joy, contentment intertwined with sadness, hurt, learning, and moving forward, makes for a beautiful piece that we call life.  So much learning and growing lately.  Sometimes there are growing pains but it all turns out for good because in the process something that was painful turns into something that is just right and beautiful. 
Patience.  Learning and practicing patients is not always my strong suit but so important that I keep working on it.  In patience there is reward, contentment, and peace.  It will all work out, even when sometimes we look at something, and in Hannah's words say, "what the world?!"  We don't see the whole big picture but thankful that we can trust in someone who does.
Quiet observation.  I love that we were given two eyes, two ears, but only one mouth.  Need to work on observing and not just talking.  There is so much to be learned when we are quiet, watching and listening instead of spewing the next (seemingly at the time) important words out of our mouth. 
So much to ponder.  So much to learn.  So much to practice.
Happy Friday and goodnight. xoxo

Oct 5, 2012

It's been a while.

It has been a long, long time since I have posted anything.  Summer was crazy busy, and wonderful but ready for fall, in all its goodness, and somewhat scheduled routine.  Things don't feel like they are going to be too routine until Little Man is born and we can adjust, and settle in, though.
This is Little Man at 39 weeks
He is due to make his arrival on Wednesday but anytime would be lovely.  Feeling so ready.  Have been nesting like crazy, making sure everything stays constantly spick and span so we are ready whenever it happens (maybe it's a good thing he hasn't come yet, it is a good way to keep my house clean and organized).
Being silly

On Papa's boat

On Grandparents Day
Feeling a little silly especially today with hormones.  I try to have a normal conversation and all I can do is cry like a fool.  So irritating- "please take me seriously and all my comments as very rational while I stand here and bawl" ridiculous.  I hope it means my sweet little mister is about to make his debut soon!  Just in case he does, I decided that since Michael was going to wallyball tonight that Hannah and I needed a mommy and me date- our date tonight included pajamas, fuzzy socks, Curious George, some Calm tea, a bottle of warm milk, a fuzzy pink blanket, a loved bunny, and an abundance of snuggles- it was lovely, it was perfect.
Our perfect date
Because I am so far behind on posting anything, tonight is going to be a big picture post. 
At the park with Daddy and Uncle
"Woof, woof" - her greeting to any dog
Rockin' the ponytail
Walking on Alki to encourage Baby Dylan to arrive

My little secretary
The "moon, mooooon" was full and bright
Happy Weekend!!

Aug 20, 2012

A good day.

These past days have been crazy around here.  I had the opportunity and privilege last Wednesday to attend my best friends birth.  It was anything but an ordinary birth experience.  And honestly, it was flat out scary.  There is still much healing and recovering to do but things are finally looking positive again.  Having a history the last couple of weeks of some possible complications and then the nurses not listening and responding until it was too late led to complications that were beyond frightening.  Four surgeries later, a medically induced coma, a ventilator, many positive thoughts, and countless prayers she finally had a good day today and things are looking up. 

In the meantime her precious little man is healthy and thriving.

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Convention was encouraging and very needful.  So thankful for good days of refreshing, renewing, and restoring.

We had a midwife appointment today, and things look good.  Dylan is right on schedule and seems to be healthy and happy in there.  I have been having constant braxton hicks contractions but it is due to stress from the events of the past couple days- it is just going to take some rest and relaxing and it is not a concern.

Looking forward to a day at the Lake with the family on Saturday and back to a somewhat normal routine again.

Thankful for health, wonderful supportive family, fabulous friends, and an amazing midwife.

Happy Monday!

Jul 29, 2012

The napping house.

All is quiet and peaceful on this front at the moment, since the whole house is napping so it seems like an appropriate time for a post.
Doing well.  Hannah has new words everyday (with today's word being "John Deere"), and continues to amaze us and make us smile.  Dylan seems to be doing well.  Seems to be a strong little guy...growing, kicking, and hiccuping constantly.

We had a bummer this week.  Tuesday night on the way home from work, I got a call from Michael saying his car had stalled and that he was car down, one to go.  While trying to troubleshoot and figure out what was wrong, hoping for some help from my Dad, I managed to look away and slam into the back of my brother's vehicle.  Yikes!  Two vehicles down, zero to go.  Considering the circumstances and that none of us wished to be in a crash, I am very thankful if it was going to happen, that it happened the way that it did.  Joel, is one of the guys we work with and he luckily saw the whole thing happen and was able to help.  Mom, luckily had not left work yet so she was able to come pick us up.  Nobody was seriously injured.  Both cars have potential to be totaled but we have not heard from the insurance company yet.  It was a big bad bummer.  But no one was hurt, so we pick up the mess and life goes on.

My midwife was a little concerned that we did not call 911 because usually they would have sent me to the ER and I would've been hooked up to an EFM (external fetal monitor) for a few hours but we didn't.  And she (my midwife) didn't know about it until the following day.  So, I just paid close attention to his movement, contracting, and a few others signs and things seemed fine, so we are carrying on as usual.

There are situations and experiences that just make me so much more thankful for everything - health, family, friends.  It was amazing the out pouring of love from family and friends.  My parents and siblings could not have been a bigger help- picking us up, lending us a vehicle, emotional support, feeding us, helping us in every way possible and still loving us through it all.  And let me tell you, we have some awesome friends- letting us vent and be emotional, sending us a special gift, telling us how much they love us, offering help...the list goes on.  Thank you!  We love and appreciate you all!
The last two weeks have been filled with busy-ness.  We finished Dylan's room, got Hannah's room changed, and got her into a big girl bed (which she loves).  I got to be the lucky one to pick my cousin up from the airport and spend a whole day with her.  It was filled with good talks, shopping, lots of coffee, and good memories.  I feel so fortunate to have somebody that is a cousin and also an amazing friend!  Company was followed by a baby shower for one of my besties, Amber and she was glowing!  She's so cute- this round little basketball straight out in front...I swear I have never seen such a cute pregnant person in my whole life!  They are looking forward to welcoming a sweet little boy, Devon into their family in the next few weeks, and so we had a lot of fun showering them with love.  The following week, started with a baby doctor appointment that went well and showed a sweet, happy little Dylan just growing, growing.  Then the accident happened and from there the rest of the week was a bit of a whirl wind.  Saturday we got to shower my sweet friend Julia and her baby girl (Baby B- as Hannah and I like to call her).  There were lots of good times with good friends!  They are due just two and a half weeks before us, so we are very happy that these little munchkins are going to have friends close by that are very close in age.  Saturday evening company came to our house and we got to spend time at the park with a bunch more of our friends- playing frisbee and chatting.  Brenda T. and Cara are still here and probably actually enjoying some rest since Hannah decided to sleep- so all is quiet.  We will enjoy our day tomorrow with Brenda and Cara and hope for a less "eventful" week, this week.  

Super looking to convention in a few weeks.  It is something that I desperately need, right now.
Enough rambling- hope you are all having a happy Sunday!