Nov 9, 2013

BabyLove is a...

We are so excited to know what BabyLove is so that we can get prepared.  Yesterday morning my Mom and Dylan went to the ultrasound with me.  I brought a "top secret" envelope to the appt with us and when the ultrasound tech started to scan the legs she warned me that I may want to turn away or else I may get flashed.  So I looked away until the legs and gender was scanned and then got to watch again.  She printed a picture and wrote the gender on a piece of paper, sealed it in an envelope and gave it to Mom.
Seeing my BabyLove squirming and kicking on the screen with the cutest little nose and lips, with the most perfect little heartbeat was so incredible.  Every day I fall more in love.  Sweet little BabyLove looked so happy and healthy, which helped me breathe a little sigh of relief.
Last night we invited some of our friends over and we had a husky quarterback or cheerleader gender reveal party.  The votes were split evenly.  Mom was the one that filled the poppers and knew what BabyLove was and the rest of us were very anxious to find out.  We stood in a cirlce over the hardwood floor and everyone hit the bottom of a push pop on the count of three and confetti flew in the air.  So exciting.

We are very happily and excitedly preparing for Miss RUBY MICHELLE!!!

Have a happy weekend!

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