Dec 14, 2010

A good day.

What a day. A good day. A kind of busy, kind of lazy day.  I like days, like today.

It all started with a rough night last night.  I was nervous.  Really nervous.  My doctors appointment was today and I was dreading's appointment was "lab work and shots and yucky stuff to drink" day.  I don't know why I have become such a worry wart during this pregnancy but my gracious- it really did not turn out to be that horrible.  All the worrying for no reason.  Oh well.

My Sister got into town yesterday....we are already busy with tons of projects! The first project was to make the board for Hannah's fun flowers (all supplied by Aunt Brenda) :) and of course you get the two of us going on a project and what do you get?? Well, let's see- an hour in Joann Fabrics trying to decide on a fabric and ribbon, a car ride home thinking about how we would make it all look right, and then we went to town...hello staple gun- you are our friend! :)
We of course got a little bit tired and a lot silly but we ended with a result that we were happy with.

There are so many projects left to be finished but I can hardly keep my eyes open for another minute. 
What a day.  What a good day.

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