Dec 19, 2010

A Festive Party!

We have amazing friends! A bunch of them came over yesterday and we had a PARTY! We built gingerbread houses, played games, had a funny white elephant party and hung out! What a great time!

Here are the pictures from our day...
16 Gingerbread houses- baked, built, and ready for the decorators to arrive

Anxiously awaiting for everyone to arrive

Alyssa and Tanya

Erin and Kara


Cute Kaity! :)

Rachel getting into it!

Brian and Carla's masterpiece

Cameron having a good time!

Playing games

Cameron and Brenda catching a quick nap

Oh the socks!

....and Brett was voted "Best Socks" winner- nice red stockings!

SOME of the gang

Cody and Tyler's house- voted "Best Gingerbread House"- I think it should have been "craziest gingerbread house"- nice work guys! :)

Alyssa and Tanya's sweet creation (they were the runner ups)

I loved Kaity's house- it even has a tractor in the front yard! :)

Rachel's sweet cabin!

Erin and Kara's house

Court and Lynn's house

More of Kaity's house

More of Cody and Tyler's "Redneck House"

Tanya was lucky enough to open a Salvation Army bell ringer costume! :)

Leah was the lucky recipient of a College Math- Statistics book and a MONKEY!

Anxiously awaiting their turns to steal or pick a gift!

Funniest gift- a bird feeder where the birds fly up the nose to get their feed- haha- luck you, Alyssa! :)

Brenda got a baseball frog!

The back of Leah's colorful creation!

More of Leah's house

Bria's bright house

Brooke's fun red house

Michael's masterpiece in progress...

Working hard to get it just right....

and now he completed it! :)

This was the back of Michael's house

And the side.

This was Bryce and Brenda's house- convenient that they were both "BF's"

The side of Bryce and Brenda's House

and the front
and the other side of B & B's house

We had a blast!

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