Feb 9, 2011


The title of this post is for me, a reminder, a goal to be better at, what I need to have a ton more of.
Things are going well.  37 weeks today and only 3 more weeks til little Baby Hannah's due date.  Very exciting!  Today I found myself getting a little discouraged about silly things and when I started listening to myself, I realized how ridiculous I sounded...poor me this, poor me that- really?!?! I have SOOOO much to be grateful for! I have an amazing husband, a sweet daughter - who I can't wait to meet, the best Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, and Grandma in the entire world, great relatives and friends, good health, a place to call home, a job where I have the best boss ever, etc, etc.! Why so much complaining?
I realized that sometimes it takes a hard experience, something taken away, or something changed to make a person thankful- I want to learn from others and not have to wait for a tough situation to be thankful. 
I was a wee bit concerned because Hannah is not in the optimal position at the very present moment, and I let that get me down- but really what does it matter? It will all go as it is suppose to go and I am so thankful that this whole pregnancy Baby has had good health, I have had good health, and there have not been any complications. 
So we continue on. More grateful for what we have, things to come, opportunities given, and all blessings.

21 days to go!!

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