Feb 26, 2011

Beautiful Day.

We have been taking advantage of and enjoying our little moments together- just the two of us, no baby to oogle and fuss over.  We know that everything as we know it is about to change because of Baby Hannah but we are totally excited and ready to welcome her...but in the meantime enjoying our last few non-child dates for a while.

This morning was all about the lazy sleeping in, taking our time to get ready, and going to the bakery for a scrumptious blueberry muffin and latte. It was so relaxing and fun...I don't know why we haven't done more of this kind of thing before. :)
Best bakery ever!

Amazingly delicious blueberry muffin goodness!
My cuteness!
Hope you have a beautiful, relaxing weekend! Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. lookin good! Thanks for sharing. Love and hugs, Melissa

  2. Thank you! Love you! Hugs, M,M,&H