Jul 7, 2011


Sometimes in motherhood/parenthood I feel like I have no clue what I am doing...I just try my best and that's all that one can do.  But I get confused. There is so much information, and not just one set of facts but conflicting sets of "facts" and info that make decisions so difficult.  So, while I may not do what another would say is the best thing to do- I have to do what I feel is the best choice for my daughter and while I know that I have made and will make tons of mistakes all we can do is give it our best shot.

Immunizing is one of those confusing, conflicting, debate-filled topics.  Help!  I've read books, scoured websites, enlisted the advice and help of family and friends but it's all so confusing and hard to know who to listen to and what the right choice to make is.  While I feel strongly that there are a lot of unnecessary interventions today, I also feel like medical advances and the amazing technology in medicine are to help us, and that either we ourselves or someone close to us that we love, would not be here today without it.

I totally understand all sides of the debate. Yes, pharmaceutical companies want to make money, there are diseases and syndromes on the rise that never use to be an issue and we don't know where they are coming from and what is causing them.  But yes, I also understand that we have eradicated many diseases such as Polio and that if it makes a come back in our country that even those who have been vaccinated will not be safe from the awful, disabling, life-changing disease because the vaccine is just enough to keep us free from it but if people stop vaccinating for it, then it can creep into our country and once there is a breakout then none of us are home free.

While I have no trouble believing and actually 100% buying into the fact that some children react terribly to different vaccines- that leave them with seizures, paralyzed, or other certain debilitating problems, I also have to look at what took place before modern medicine and the amounts of people that suffered terribly and lost their lives over things that we can protect against today.

The conclusion that I have come to for myself is that what we choose for our children is because that is what seems right to us but that doesn't mean it is right for everyone.  We will do what we think is right and let others' do what seems right for them to do.  There would be guilt on either side of the spectrum if something were to happen to your child...so we ponder, question, and wonder what's right.

So, as you may have guessed my little SweetCheeks got poked today.  But she has been one amazing trooper.  Hardly any crying, or fussing.  Just sweet little innocent smiles.  As hard as it is to watch her get poked, and suffer because she doesn't feel great- I just have to remind myself that tomorrow she won't remember and that this is the decision we made and it is what seems best for us.

What is your take?  What did you choose?  Why?



  1. Hi Sweets, enjoying your thoughts... this is a toughie... and glad i don't have to decide anytime soon:)

    My bottom line is that I have to *choose to* believe that God will lead us down the path that we are supposed to travel, and that our children are His children and whatever happens is in His hands...

    If i didn't believe this, the idea of living period, with all the choices we are presented with on a daily basis would just drive me to the crazy house I think... doesn't mean choosing is easy tho!

    Hugs to sweetcheeks & kisses for her boo boos:) Just an excuse for extra cuddle time:) love you, anna

  2. Glad to hear your thoughts Marianne and that you are having her vaccinated...its a toughie, but you know if you don't have her done, how you going to get her into school? Guess you could home school her...there is pros and cons but so many awful things can happen (I think MORE awful things happen when we choose to NOT take care of the help that is extended or offered to help our little ones)...Hard to see them cry for a second or two, but they are such good little troopers, and kids are so resililent! They bounce back so quickly. They're amazing little punkins!!! :)