Aug 1, 2011

Sweet summertime.

We are leaving our weekend with happy memories, sun burns, and some really tired eyes.  We took full advantage of summer finally making it's way to Seattle.
We were glad to have Michael's folks here to stay with us.  We spent the majority of our Saturday at the pool.  We swam, napped, had a water balloon fight, and enjoyed ourselves.
Scavenger hunt craziness...What fun! ;)
More CM Scavenger hunt madness
While Mike and I were being goofy, Hannah was thoroughly enjoying nap time with Grandpa Gardner.

When she woke up she enjoyed soaking up the attention again, from her "many adoring fans" :)

After the pool, we headed Downtown to watch the Seafair Torchlight Parade.  It was a great ending to a perfect day!

We didn't know how Hannah would react but she thought it was great...until she was so tired she couldn't hold her eyes open anymore.

We spent Sunday just relaxing, and saying goodbye to Grandpa and Grandma Gardner.

What did you do over the weekend?
Hope your weekend was restful and you are ready for a Happy Monday!  Goodnight!


  1. Dear Michael and Marianne!
    Thank you thank you thank you. Loved our time there. Love you guys!!
    Grandma and Grandpa

  2. :) Wish we had been able to attend the parade with you!! :D Glad you had a good day though! Hope we can go together next year!! :D

  3. Gma & Gpa, we enjoyed having you here! Love ya!
    Lynn, Yep-maybe next year :)

  4. Wow, just love ALL the great pictures you shared! Some of them are soooooooo darling. Thanks! Hannah is the cutest little thing ever! :) Love you.

  5. Aw, what fun! I love that Hannah is such a little water baby. That last one of her holding the bunny ear...? Oh. em. gee.... too cute:) <3 anna

  6. Great last pic indeed. And next year we're going to that parade with you. I've never been but I see that Toriana would LOVE it!!!!! JZ