Nov 15, 2011

Health and Happiness.

So I'm slow on the pictures for the last post but I couldn't let that stop me today, I just have to write a post.  I can't even begin to express my thankfulness for so many people and things in my life but today I'm focused on health.  I am just so grateful for a healthy family.

My Sister started her practicum at Seattle Children's and sees things daily, plus I follow several families (blogs, letters, books, etc), we have some friends, and have seen some other people recently all dealing with children of disabilities- it's amazing what they do, how they deal, and how they love-and it's an unconditional love. It just makes me count my lucky stars and be grateful for my beautiful, happy, HEALTHY daughter!  I know how they love their children and I know that regardless of what happens that we will always love our children but I'm so thankful for our healthy family.

Loving every new discovery of eight months! Hannah signs "more" on occasion, she claps, she fake coughs to get attention or to copy someone who just really coughed, sometimes she tries to copy sounds that we make- like "up", "papa", "ya", she laughs (the best, most satisfying, can't-wipe-the-smile-off-your-face kind of laugh), she started scrunching her nose up when she gives us her big cheesy smile, she sleeps in the funniest most uncomfortable looking positions, loves to be up on her all fours and can easily go from sitting to all fours and back to sitting with out any "bonks", she is scooting backwards and rocking on her all fours but can only crawl about to steps forward and then falls on her head (because she forgot to move her hands), definitely in a snuggly stage where she loves to just bury her head into you and snuggle, she gently pats her little hand on your back while being held, loves to explore her surroundings by touching everything, talking, looking all around, and pointing at everything, her two bottom teeth are very "through" and sharp and adorable! :)  We are having so much fun!

Continue to spend our Saturday's at Husky football games.  We had our last home game at Husky stadium, as we now know it.  Next time we set foot in Husky Stadium will be fall of 2013 with a completely revamped, new look.  We unfortunately got beat by the Ducks (everyone's least favorite team around here), and the loss did not help us to gain any warm, fuzzy feelings for the ducks...oh well! Maybe next year! :)


Uncle Steve and Uncle Tom were here for a few days, so it was fun to get to see them.  Uncle Tom took Grandpa and Grandma Foster back to Arizona with him, for the winter- we will miss them around here but they will have a very enjoyable, much warmer winter in AZ.  Uncle Steve got to experience his first and second games in Husky Stadium this trip- we had some real interesting games for him to see in person! :)  He also brought his sweet, new puppy named Chili with him.  She's a Shiba Inu and we are all smitten!  Hannah LOVES dogs, so watching her with Chili did not make me want to get a dog any less- I soooo want one!

Munchkin has had a little bit of a cold lately and so we've been trying to get over that but in the meantime all of the snuggling and loves are amazing (when there is stuff to get done around the house and all she wants is my undivided attention and to just sit and rock, I have to remind myself that she won't be this small for long, so better enjoy it).  We are definitely on the mend, now.
Hannah's first ferry boat ride- we went to Vashon!

Today, we are getting ready to watch four other kids at their house for the night.  Should be a fun adventure!  There are some special needs as far as diet, and medications, and then there are four different schools with four different schedules to keep track of- but I'm not worried...we are going to have fun!  ...BUT I had better go pack and get us ready...AND it's EGGNOG LATTE season so I think I better go get my caffeine fix (my daughter is also a young addict to Starbucks.  She knows exactly what mugs are Starbucks and those are the only ones that she wants- offer a sippy cup and she will politely push it away and grab your latte)!

So here's to health, and happiness! ...and Eggnog Lattes! :)


  1. Thank You!! LOVE IT!!!! love you 3 xoxox Melissa

  2. Always love seeing your new pictures. Hannah is such a little doll! Yes, cute of her and the eggnog latte'. Tommorrow afternoon = Thursday thru Sunday 2 - 5 pm buy one get one free lol :) will have to take mom down to enjoy one!!! Always happy to see your new additions to your blog! Thanks for sharing! So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!