May 2, 2012


It's been a while.  Every time I write a post in the last 6 weeks I end up not having the courage to hit "post", and so my wall remains empty of new details.

We are doing well.  I got to do my first doula job for someone other than one of my good friends, and it was awesome!  I feel like I made new friends in the mom, her husband, and her sweet baby girl.  The miracle of bringing a baby into this world, never ceases to amaze me- how perfect He has it all planned and worked out and how things progress, and change, that a beautiful child could be born.  Leaves me so thankful and awe-struck.

Hannah is doing well.  Walking, climbing, getting into everything, and constantly babbling- some words making sense and others, not so much.  She loves talking on the phone, playing at the beach, making and listening to music, play dates with her friends, story times, and in general she loves anything where she can be outside.  This stage is so fun.  Full of discovery- words, places, and otherwise.  We love her, she's our sunshine!!

Baby seems to be doing well.  We get to find out in two weeks what this sweet little bean is- boy or girl?  Either way we are excited- which I hope is how it will be for every child we have.  I do not think that it is fair to wish for one gender so much that a person is so surprised and slightly disappointed by the fact that it is not their gender of choice- really?  Every child deserves the SAME amount of love, boy or girl- regardless of what the parents want.  It kills me to watch people be disappointed in the gender and always wish for the other.  Okay, I'll get off my soap box.  A girl would be fun because Hannah would have a little sister and there is no better friend than a sister (trust me, I know), and we would have everything we need for a girl because she would get hand me downs from Hannah- so that would be slightly cheaper.  However, a boy sounds so fun.  A little brother to love on, a boy to do "boy" things with- sports, dirt, etc.  But either way, I can HARDLY wait!!  I can't wait to prepare things- pink or blue.  Any predictions?

Predictions on gender crack me up.  They say that the mom's "gut" feeling is correct 70% of the time.  Well, amongst my friends we have definitely proven that number WRONG! :)  One of my best friends felt like she was probably having a girl, only to find out (after a bit of a mix up with a bakery incorrectly decorating a cake) it was a boy.  My other friend was SO sure she was having a boy, that they bought an entire pick up load of boy stuff off of Craigslist, only to find out yesterday that they are actually having a girl.  So, from the beginning I kind of had a slight feeling this was a girl but now I am totally convinced that I am having a boy!  This is gonna be fun.

To reveal the gender, my Mom is going to be given a sealed envelope with a picture and a word that will either reveal "girl" or "boy".  She will be the ONLY person to know (yes, including those of you who think she should tell you, text you, email you, etc- tough luck! She has promised that not a soul will know besides her) and she is one person that I completely trust my mom!  She is going to bake some of her delicious cupcakes and fill the center with either pink of blue frosting.  We are inviting just a few of our friends to the pool with us and we will all bite into a cupcake at the same time and the gender will be revealed!! I can hardly wait!  We will definitely post pics and share our news on here.

Thanks for your patience with my lack of posting, or should I say lack of courage to post.

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